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The insanity

I just finished reading an article about a murder case in Tennessee involving a case where the couple deleted the daughter of someone from their Facebook friends list and were murdered because of it.

I later went on to read another Facebook incident where a man hit his wife in Texas because his wife did not “like” one of his Facebook posts he wrote about the anniversary of his mother’s death.

My God! What are we coming to as a society?

How things have changed

I believe that one of the worst and best things that has occurred with today’s society is the advent of social networking. It has allowed those who are not close physically to be a part of people’s lives. However, as with all things it has also allowed those who you would never want to communicate with to open a dialog… whether you want to hear it or not.

Change AheadIt has allowed predators (child and psychotic) a means to track down and hunt people. Many of these services have not come up with a strong enough method to lock down certain aspects of social networking. Don’t get me wrong, there are ways to lock down most of these, but there are also ways to get around the lock downs.

In years past (before the Internet), for those who can remember that far back… Socializing involved getting your clothes on and leaving your house. Meeting at bars, sports clubs, parks, movie theaters and such. It is healthy to physically interact with people. I recall when I lived in Columbus, Ohio, going to the French Market and walking around as a teen and simply “hanging out”. Today, people spend hours upon hours in front of the computer “chatting” and “interacting” in a virtual way, never leaving their house or if they do spending countless hours on their smart-phone doing the same interaction. I went into a mall near where I live last week, I saw about a dozen teens hanging out in an area near Best Buy, two of them were talking and all the rest were typing away on their smart-phones.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Let’s look at what technology has done to us socially:


  • It has brought distance families together
  • It has allowed us to reconnect with people we haven’t heard from in years
  • It has allowed those who are not able to leave their home to interact with the world
  • It has provided a means for people to research others for safety purposes
  • It has provided a means for businesses to reach out to people at a low cost of advertising
  • It has allowed us to communicate instantly when the need is there
  • It has allows us to share things like music, video and photos where otherwise it would be difficult or nearly impossible to do so.


  • It has allowed people to research you when you would prefer to be more private
  • It has allowed people to find you that perhaps you didn’t want to talk to
  • It allows others to pass on videos or photos that you may have wanted to remain only between yourself and a few others
  • It has allowed predators an easy means to hunt down children
  • It has allowed stalkers an easy means to hunt down people
  • It has created an environment where people don’t need to leave the house to socialize
  • It has created an expectation of instant communication
  • It has made it easier for people with addictions to feed their addictions


The breaking pointThe Breaking Point

The sad thing is, I believe that we as a society are not going to do much about our decline of physical interaction until things reach the breaking point. A point at which the events taking place are so insane or over the top that a few key individuals who can actually do something about it step back and say “What on earth is going on here? We need to stop it now.”

Only then will we reach a point that we can reach a balance. I just hope we can find a way to reach that balance before we reach the breaking point.

What are your thoughts?

Okay, now I have heard it all.

Courtesy The Register

A US man who had been convicted on a second-degree murder charge will get a new trial after a computer virus destroyed transcripts of court proceedings.

Randy Chaviano, of Hialeah, Florida, was given a life sentence for the fatal shooting of Carlos Acosta after he was convicted by a Miami jury in July 2009. An appeal was lodged when it was discovered that only a partial record of the trial that led to Chaviano’s conviction could be found.

In the circumstances the Third District Court of Appeal had no option but to strike the conviction and order a fresh trial.

Court stenographers normally record proceedings on both paper and digital disk. But Terlesa Cowart, stenographer at Chaviano’s 2009 trial, forgot to bring enough rolls of paper and relied on digital recordings alone to chronicle proceedings. She transferred this data to her PC and erased it from the stenograph. Cowart has been fired for the monumental screw-up, The Miami Herald reports.

Bad move. The PC subsequently became infected by an unidentified virus, causing the destruction of the records. No secure backup was taken, so the state will be put through the expense of a second trial that will cause, at the very least, inconvenience for witnesses and heartache for the victim’s family.