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Pencil Shavings. Wet hay. Touch of mold.
Sound as appetizing as a wet shoe, right?

The above are actually wine tasting notes, and yes, some wines do taste like pencil shavings…and that is not a bad thing.

Many apps, such as “The Daily Grape” (free on Apple), make wine drinking and tasting fun. Leave all the pretension in Bordeaux France, where it belongs.

Host Gary Vaynerchuk is rather silly, but if you can get past his car salesman like demeanor, and the fact the he talks really fast, like warp speed fast, this guy knows his wine.

If I was not sure he was talking about wine, I would think we were sitting in a bar arguing Orr VS. Gretzky. Orr. I digress.

The app is fun. There is nothing wrong with having fun while tasting wine.


Another free app, not as fun, but for more of the purist, is “Drync Wine”

I like this one. Under the “cellar” section you can add wines that you have drank, that you currently own, and bottles that you want.

It has a “Top Wines” list in case you just want to be told what to buy.

You can earn a badge VIA the “Vinpass” by tasting two or more wines within the Valley of your choice. Keep score; try to out slurp your friends!

Of course, the best wine is the one you like to drink.

Currently, I love swirling the “Petite Red” from Sakonnet Wineries in Little Compton Rhode Island.

If you have not seen the BIG beautiful of LITTLE Compton, you are missing something indeed.

Find a winery near you.

Be well